Mini Album - Journey begin..

I'm so excited right now!!

I'm going to make my first mini album!!! Yay!!

So, before I start.. I have to make sure I have the tools and supplies..

As I've mentioned before, scrapbooking is an expensive hobby. If you're on a tight budget (like me), you can consider alternative sources of papers or tools.

In this post, I would like to share with you some of my hotspots for craft shopping :)

1. Daiso
Daiso would be a good and much cheaper alternative. From paper flowers, metal embelishments, craft punchers, decorative lace, buttons, eyelet punch, and many more, its like a treasure hunt each time. It also doesn’t hurt when everything is $2! (but be wary of overindulging! Haha) . If you want cheaper than this, you can be like me... go to Daiso in JB haha!!!

2. Taobao
If you can't understand Mandarin, fret not! You can just use google translate and use taobao agent (I use Ezbuy )  Click the link to get free $5 voucher 😊

I bought cutting mat, stamps, ink pads, embellishments, and even magnets! Cheap cheap!

3. Carousell
Sometimes, if you are lucky enough to get a nice seller, you can bargain a bit. Like when I bought Prima Resin embellishments. Stores sell around SGD $11-15/pc. Amazon sell around SGD 9.00/pc. I found a seller who sell SGD 9.00/pc. When I tried to bargain (Since I bought 2 pcs), the seller sell them SGD 15.00 for both items!! That means SGD 7.50/pc. Wooohooo!!

4. Amazon
Some items you just have to get from Scrapbook store. No choice.. And they can sell 2x Amazon's price! So why not check Amazon first :D Free delivery to Singapore if you purchase min USD 125.00 (For certain items of course)

Usually I buy my paper pads (Mostly Graphic 45) and embellishments from Amazon

5. Paper Market and Made With Love
Things quite expensive here.. But if they are the only stores that sell it, then I have no choice 😩

6. Spotlight and ArtFriend
The last source to get scrapbook supplies. Their things are much more expensive compare to no. 5


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