Mini Album - Baby Girl (Pages) *Create Borders WITHOUT Die Cuts!

Hi hi! In this post I want to share on how I make some of the interactive pages.
Please refer to the tutorials provided below (Fyi, I got them from youtube or websites coz I'm to lazy busy to make one 😝)

Double Slidder Card

Check the tutorial here: and below

Waterfall Card

Check the pull tab tutorial here: and below

If you're not sure that you can make it right at the first try, you can do a mock up first with a scrap paper. Like this.

I also want to share with you on how to make page borders WITHOUT die cuts..
Yes, you read it right... WITHOUT die cuts! WITHOUT die cut machine!
It's nice to have a die cut machine. But you have to look at total overall expenses. A Cuttlebug or Big Shot are relatively inexpensive - but then you need to start buying cutting dies, and that's a never-ending process. Yes a cuttlebug or sizzix is a cheaper investment at first but then you gotta buy all the dies and each die only does one thing one size.

Anyway, I'm not saying that I will never but a die cut machine. Maybe someday I will... But not at the moment ☺️

Now, this technique involves cutting with paper knife. If you’re willing to cut, the sky is the limit!
First, find the die cut pattern (from the internet) you want to use. I used this Spellbinders die cut pattern.

The good thing about this technique is that we can always adjust the length of the "die" according to our paper and print it out. 1 pattern can be used for a lot of size. Where if we have the cutting die, each die only does one size...

Secure the pattern before you start to cut.. Here I used Post-It message flags 😃😃😃

Another sample..

As this is my very first mini album, I also made some mistakes..

You see, I'm a You Tube learners. I learned how to make a mini album from watching You Tube craft videos. I never attend any workshops. Anyway, crafting teaches you to be open to exploration, that mistakes really won’t kill you (Only break your hearts sometime 😃😃😃)

Like this one. I glued the paper wrongly and have to re-do. My heart screamed when I tore the paper out

For this one, I had not enough paper to cover the whole page.. Luckily the pattern is easy to combine with other scraps paper with the same pattern..

You can put a strip of text to cover some blank spots...

In this album, I used pictures from the internet. I also made my own pockets and tags like this..

Mini Album - Baby Girl (Cover)

In this post, I would like to share with you on the materials I used to make my mini album cover.

It took me 3 months to finish the mini album..
It took me ages to finish the cover.. and I'm still not satisfied with the result *sigh*

Anyway, my mini album cover was inspired by Frank Garcia's Bebe album.

And here are the materials I used to make the cover:

1. Prima Marketing - Shabby Chic Resin Treasures - Victorian Frames

This item has been discontinued (I think). Luckily, I still able to get it from Carousell.

2. Prima Marketing - Shabby Chic Resin Treasures - Marvelle

This one also discontinued item. I bought it from Carousell, together with the Victorian Frames.

3. Rosette Trim
Got from: Taobao
Price: Ard SGD 1.00++ for 50cm.

Daiso sells SGD 2.00 for 60cm. But Taobao one has better quality.

4. Paper Flowers

Paper flowers can be very costly. That's why, just grab whenever you see a good offer 😂

I bought some from local shop that sells ribbons. They're having a sale for the paper flowers (SGD 4.00 for a huge pack! UP. SGD 6.80). Consider cheap, however they only sell 1 color, 1 size per pack..

I also bought some from Daiso. Actually not so cheap. SGD 2.00 you can only get ard 9 pcs. Some more, not much choices too (got only 1 or 2 types of flower, in 3 colors and 1 size).

Image taken from here

See what I mean?

Before you head to the nearest Scrapbook shops to buy those paper flowers, you might want to take another look at Carousell, Taobao, Artfriend or any other place that sell cheaper option (coz scrapbook shops selling them SUPER EXPENSIVE!!!! 6 pcs for SGD 9.00??? Watttt!?)

4. Prima Marketing Pinot Grigio Capri Paper and Fabric Flowers

Bought this from Amazon when there was still free shipping to Singapore.. Now no more. WHY??? WHY??? *sob, sob* 😭😭😭😢

5. Pearl trim and crystal embellishment

Bought from Taobao.

For the sides, I used some laces. I made the flowers from pink ribbons and decorate with some beads.

Mini Album - Baby Girl (Finished!)

I'm really excited to share my very first mini album using Kaisercraft "Peekaboo Girl" collection.

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