Baby Scrapbooks (Part II)

I made a month by month scrapbook page to record the milestones and precious details of my baby's first year. The purpose of each scrapbook page is to record the special memories that occurred during the month.

I used numbers in my scrapbook title to indicate the month.

Like for this one, "Precious little 1", to show that it is for my baby's first month. And "2 cute for words" is for the 2nd month... and so on..

I don't use alphabet stickers. Firstly, it is not cheap. Secondly.. I don't know what I'm going to do with the left overs "V", "X", "Z".. 

Luv this layout!! I used gift wrapper for the background, did a lil quillling.

My favorite part is the journalling part. I used papers from an old notebook that the pages turned yellow. I typed the journals using typewriter. I made the fishes from left over quilling papers, match with the background. As for the bottom part, i made my own pattern paper that match the background color (it was easy, just find any good pattern from google image and a lil bit of editing here and there.. Done! 😜

Another favorite layout. Love the title frame!!! This layout is about precision precision.. I cut out 1 big glitter paper to make the frame.. Glitter paper is expensive so I really need to be careful n measure properly or i will waste my $$$

How to make the page title?
 1. Find a good frame from google
2. Make the layout in microsoft doc
3. Safe it in pdf
4. Print screen the pdf
5. Open 'paint' and cut the image of the title+frame, save it under .jpg
6. Go to the ms doc again and insert picture (the title picture)
7. Adjust the size
8. Use the 'drawing tools' option to flip the picture horizontal
9. Print out and cut it
10. Paste it to the desired pattern paper
11. Start to cut...

Step 1-11 also applied for making page title (you see how troublesome it is? But since I enjoy it, it's kinda fun.. Haha) For this page title, I paste another paper with the word 'Time' and 'fun' behind the glitter paper.. After some measuring, it fits nicely, between the number 4 😉

I think this is the most difficult layout I ever made..

It all began when I have these photos of my son when he started to turn. And was thinking to make a layout that can show the process nicely. So I choose to make this "snake" layout.

Problem is.. I need to cut the photos so they can match the shape nicely. 1st attempt: failed. I never failed before!! So it was quite disappointing. I need to re-print everything and find another paper as the background etc.. Very troublesome.. And I didn't expect that it will failed. Coz this is not the 1st time I do this layout. I've done the same layout for my wedding scrapbook. Well.. it has less photos though, so that's why this one is more difficult..

2nd attempt: almost failed.. I tought that if 2nd time failed, then that's it! I give up.. (I know I must not give up easily, but I was quite tired.. I do my scrapbook night time.. After work and take care of my family. So I was in a tired condition when I did it. Of course I expect everything will go smoothly..)

Once the photo layout is done, next challenge: the text. Have to match the shape.. 1st attempt: failed. I roughly calculate the size etc.. It didn't work (what was I thinking??!!) So, I drew the shape in a tracing paper, and scanned it, then I used the drawing as a base to put the text..

Another problem is the title. It was too pale, so I tought why not put some shadows? So I use a marker which I never use before anddd.. It was too big for the font and it was sooo ugly, I decided to scrap it and re-do.. (Only the 'F'). But since I've made a shadow for the 1st font, I need to finish it with the rest. Anddd it was not nice.. It looks sloppy 😞 Oh well, not my favorite layout (definitely) but I'm glad I've finished it..

Working with a pattern paper is quite tricky.. You don't want to cover the nice picture/ pattern with your photos or journal. I like to use nice pattern paper so I don't need to use embellishment. But of course the down side is to make a layout that can fit nicely with the background.. On the right side I put photos of my son's response to different food. He definitely doesn't like apple haha!

The photos cropping makes me got a headache 😑 but I'm quite satisfied with the end result..

The background is a paper with a wavy patterned below. So I need to cut the photos following the wavy pattern. Problem is... To crop the photos so they can fit with the frame... In the end I use different size for each photo.

I have 2 topics for this month.. My son's teeth came out and he can clap his hands.. So after searching through pinterest, I finally get this layout.. Not really good, like something is missing... It is good to use plain paper for the journal, but then it will cover most of the background so it wont look nice, but using vellum like this make it looks quite plain... Sigh..

Nothing special with the layout.. Just a simple one, but i love it! 😊

This layout is quite simple but need to measure the photos and cropping etc.. I threw some of the photos coz the size somehow shrink after printing... Even if it just 2mm different, but bcoz the gap between the picture is 5mm, I cannot use them.. In the end, quite satisfied with the layout 😊

Luv luv luv this layout!!! And it is dominated with blue color too!!! My fav! 😁 It's all about My son's bday, we celebrated it at the sea aquarium. He luv it so much! At the right side, I put a pocket. Inside got the booklet, entrance tickets and also 1 letter for my son.. Suppose to give him a letter on what we expect from him when he received this scrapbook album etc, but now still an empty envelope coz.. We don't have time to sit down and write the letter 😓 (He is 4 yo already now..)

This page dedicated to my husband. He was the first person who changed my son's diaper. He also thought me how to clean his poopoo, and bathe him during my confinement period. He also help me to feed him milk in the middle of the night when he was still a baby, coz he thought I must be tired so it is only fair if he also takes part.. He gives me my 'me' time whenever I need to go for ladies nite.. Instead of complaining, he said that I can have my ladies nite every week or whenever I want.. We are so blessed to have him :')

I lost my glue 😞 so I used another one which is stronger.. Turned out that once it's stick to the paper then cannot change position ald.. Hix.. That explains the sloppy title 😭 So sad sad sad... I luv the paper so much..

This time I used another glue (liquid), turned out to be ok. But it leaked... So it was quite messy.. Sigh.. Time to buy a new glue 😞

Everything was fine. I cut the prayer, line by line. Arrange nicely. Till I realised... I missed 1 row!!!! And nooo, i cannot re-print or re-do coz everything has been calculated nicely and cannot just anyhow insert another row.

So I continue and skip the missing row Then comes the 2nd mistake... After finished, looks nice.. I realized that I put the gap wrongly. The cutting between verse 1 and the 2nd one is wrong!!! Oh well, just need to close one eye (or both since it was 12.17am when I finished this).. And be grateful for the layout and the colors that turned out to be just nice..


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