Keeping memories alive

Memories are one of the most important aspects of life. While our brain does the best it can to store our memories, some still fade away.

As a mother, I wanted to keep a memory journal for my kids. I don’t want to forget the small, everyday things. I record specific stories, prayers, photos, funny things they said or did, because.. they grow up too fast... I make those journals into scrapbooks.

I know some mothers who did the same by keeping those memories in their FB album/ posts or even blog. Well, keeping them in a blog is much better than in FB album/ posts, because in a blog, you can put some labels that can help you to sort the posts when needed. And you can also find specific post based on the posting date.

In my opinion, FB is a bad bad choice to keep your precious memories of your children. Why?
1. Your FB page is filled with not only things about your children, but also things that interested to you that you shared with your friends (video clip, quotes, recipe albums etc) or your friends tagged you. How to sort those posts with no labels on?

2. Some mothers create a FB account for their children. So, all the posts about the children will be posted in their FB page. One day, the mother will show the FB account to their children and they will be thrilled to browse and see how they were doing back then when they were still a baby ... or so that's what they thought..

Now.. Can imagine 17 years from now, your children have to browse all those 17 years worth of FB posts? Have fun scrolling and browsing (That is.. if the FB didn't crash) LOL

I make scrapbooks for my children.

While my kids are very young and nowhere near ready to read them themselves, I am committed to continue making them so that someday they can read them and know how I prayed for them before they were even born. What hopes and dreams I had about being their mother, and how much I cherished all those everyday moments.

I look forward to the day when I get to give them to my children for them to cherish and read through too. I’m always looking for ideas and creative ways to record and store away keepsakes from my children’s childhood, what do you do to preserve your memories with your children?


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